MC-660 (48V IC)

The ultimate long-load workhorse.




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  • The MC-660 is the ideal carrier for long and heavy loads of up to 680kg even over long distances.
  • Its fully customizable modular design features a low, long flatbed cargo deck and powerful four-wheel drive.
  • Also available in unlimited configurations including our cab option, or with the single seat and half-cowl for full-length deck space on the right side.
  • A rugged, multi-purpose vehicle offering safe and dependable performance, even when handling the heaviest loads.


Weight 680 kg (1,500lbs.) 680 kg (1,500lbs.)
Height 1346 mm (53″) 1346 mm (53″)
Length 3302 mm (130″) 3302 mm (130″)
Width 1372 mm (54″) 1372 mm (54″)
Wheel Base 1956 mm (77″) 1956 mm (77″)
Deck Height 584 mm (23″) 584 mm (23″)
Deck Length 1981 mm (78″) 1981 mm (78″)
Deck width 1372 mm (54″) 1372 mm (54″)
Battery Weight
Battery Height 508 mm (20″)
Battery Length 572 mm (22,5″) 630 mm (24,8″)
Battery Width

Specifications and standard equipment are subject to change without notice.



Motor 15 hp shunt motor motor
Drive Axle Differential with automotive ring gear Dual hydraulic wheel motors
Transmission Goodyear Eagle Synchronous drive Hydrostatic pump
Controller Electronic speed controller
Voltage 24V
Battery No battery included Included
Charger No Charger Included
Body 14-G diamond-plate steel body, tubular frame 12-G plate steel, 2×4 tubular frame
Suspension Dual leaf springs on front and rear Front and rear leaf spring with shock absorber suspensions
Brakes Rear hydraulic brakes, 11 4-wheel hydraulic discs brakes, hand lever parking brake
Wheels 5.7×8 LRD pneumatic tires 5.7×8 LRB pneumatic tires
Steering Automotive Steering Wheel Automotive Steering Wheel
Seats Two bucket seats on slide adjusters Two bucket seats on slide adjusters
Lights Dual headlights, dual tail/brake lights Dual headlights, dual tail/brake lights
Indicators Battery status indicator Fuel gauge
Accessories Bolt-on Front Bumper, DC/DC converter to equalize battery cells Horn, reverse alarm, neutral start switch
Safety Deadman seat switch, reverse alarm, Horn Seat switch, neutral start switch, oil sentry, automatic engine shut down, reverse alarm

Specifications and standard equipment are subject to change without notice.



Robust long-life industrial batteries

No more mid-shift recharging! These powerful batteries can last a full shift, even with long distances. Supports Opportunity Rapid charging. Encased for easy replacing. Various options and models available.


Heavy-duty braking power

Provides faster braking and shorter stopping distances, even when towing heavy loads. Stronger, more durable and more efficient design ensures superior braking performance with less maintenance vs. competing brakes. Brake safely and confidently every time.


Versatile, heavy-duty hitches

Ensures quick and safe hitching, even with heavy loads. Most of our vehicles work with multiple hitch configurations and a wide range of attachments. Some models, like our Clevis hitch with safety spring, work with a simple hand release system or remotely from the driver’s seat. Tailored solutions also available.


Battery-saving efficient DC/DC converter

Equalizes battery cells by converting 36V or 48V to 12V for accessories. Batteries are therefore discharged more evenly, resulting in better output and a longer battery life.


Inboard / portable high frequency PFC battery charger

Provides reliable, quality charging. High frequency power factor-corrected charger improves battery performance and prevents power surges. High efficiency and global AC input. Available in inboard or portable models with several voltage options.


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A little or a lot, customization goes a long way.

Starting with greater productivity and safety. Less maintenance and lower TCO, too. Whatever the degree of customization needed, our engineering team will get your vehicle to you quickly and for less than you might think. Our handy ordering and quote request tools also make the process extremely easy.



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