Heavy Duty Trailer

All-steel — heavy-duty — multi-purpose
Industrial Trailers

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Save money, time and effort by exploiting the full potential of your Motrec tow tractor, tugger or stock chaser.

Our in-plant tracking trailers are a simple and economical way to get more done in less time. With their tight turning radius and heavy-duty capacity, our industrial drawbar trailers are strong and sturdy, but also highly maneuverable. These indispensable work tools are built specifically for Motrec electric vehicles, and can be easily customized for specific jobs if needed.

Engineered for effortless LEAN productivity

  • Strong, sturdy design with high beds and large steel decks
  • Accommodates virtually any kind of load
  • Adapted for rear forklift loading
  • Ensures accurate tracking in multiple trailer train application; follows the same path as the vehicle
  • Perfectly adapted to Motrec vehicles
  • Narrow enough to fit through doorways, elevators and just about any jobsite

Built for years of heavy-duty work

  • Sturdy, all-steel welded construction
  • Trailers are strong enough to work on their own or as a train of multiple trailers
  • Extra-heavy-duty towing tongue connecting to the trailer framework
  • Each trailer able to carry up to 2722 kg (6,000 lbs.)
  • Rugged, efficient design makes hitching and towing safe, easy and productive

Multiple configurations ready for customization

  • Pin & clevis hitch (other hitches available)
  • Multiple shelves / double deck
  • Choice of tires
  • Stake sides / drop sides
  • Hanger bar
  • Fixed / bi-directional rear axle
  • Choice of colors