Success Story – Multi-Passenger Electric Shuttle

Custom Shuttles for a Natural Visitor Experience

Accommodating customers and the environment

Tourism venues around the world are increasingly turning to eco-friendly electric shuttles to improve their customer experience.

The Forillon National Park is no exception. As one of Canada’s most popular parks, it welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Eager to promote the park’s efforts to provide its growing clientele a unique and eco-friendly visit, the park’s management team was looking for a multi-passenger electric vehicle that conveyed the image and richness of a preserved natural site. The vehicle also had to be robust, reliable, durable and eco-friendly. Equally important, it had to cater to all types of passengers in terms of esthetics, accessibility, safety and visibility.

Bringing together form, function and experience

After exploring its options, the management team chose Motreal-based industrial design firm Morelli Designers to develop an electric shuttle that met its long list of requirements. Already familiar with Motrec’s durable and hardworking electric vehicles, the Morelli team opted for Motrec’s versatile MC-660 to serve as a solid base for its signature design.

Comfortable and accessible to everyone

The end result was a custom built shuttle able to carry 12 passengers, with the option for an additional 15 people through an integrated tram trailer. Other custom additions included an integrated access ramp for limited mobility visitors, signal lights to indicate when passengers can safely embark and disembark, and an audio system — a particularly important feature for interacting with visually impaired visitors.

A natural fit

Thanks to Motrec’s robust construction and strong powertrain, Morelli was able to provide its client both optimal performance and a safe and enjoyable ride for visitors. The vehicle’s no-fume, quiet operation also meant less disruption to the environment and to the natural visitor experience.

A better visitor experience… along with a protected environment and bottom line

The close collaboration between Morelli and Motrec resulted in a signature electric vehicle that has enabled Forillon National Park to better accommodate a growing clientele with special needs while adhering to strict environmental standards. What’s more, the shuttle’s reliable performance and durability has also kept maintenance costs to a much-needed minimum

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