Entertainment supplies company turns burden carrier into show-stopping mini fire truck


Creating a one-of-a-kind experience


JK Productions is one of South Africa’s leading entertainment supplies companies. Its team handles everything from corporate tradeshows and launches to carnivals and birthday parties. But when it approached Motrec dealer Leading Logistics Planning for help finding a sturdy and reliable vehicle, it wasn’t for moving party equipment; it wanted to create a fully functional miniature fire truck.

Safe, functional and fun

To replicate a genuine fire truck right down to all the bells and whistles, the customer needed the right vehicle as a starting point. Because the fire truck would be used as a rental item at a wide range of events, it also had to accommodate adults and children alike, while ensuring everyone’s safety, both on and around the vehicle.

Only a Motrec will do

The customer also specifically requested a Motrec electric vehicle as the fire truck’s platform. JK Productions had used a Motrec Stock Chaser to create a mini-train several years earlier and had been impressed by the vehicle’s quality, flexibility and ease of use, along with its impressive strength and reliability.

Motrec’s burden carrier to the rescue

Given the customer’s needs, the LLP team recommended the Motrec MC-360 48V Burden Carrier. In addition to being well-known as a safe, reliable and low maintenance vehicle, the silent, zero-emission electric motor would make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. JK Productions was sold and quickly set to transforming it into a real mini fire truck.

Engine no. 3 ½ ready for duty

JK Productions says it’s thrilled with the results. So are its end-users. Thanks to the creativity and engineering know-how of its CEO Jeremy Kusner, who created the final design, along with the expert advice of the LLP team, the company now has a one-of-a-kind vehicle worldwide. More importantly, it was able to create that “WOW” factor that’s so important in the entertainment industry—all while ensuring safe fun for everyone.

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