Automotive Manufacturing

Make manufacturing processes leaner—and safer—with Motrec.

Our electric tow tractors have proven their mettle in automotive plants around the world for decades. Whether you need a standard model or a highly customized machine, you can always count on our versatile vehicles to deliver reliable performance and hassle-free maintenance.

Get even leaner

Optimize your warehouse, shipping and maintenance operations. Our vehicles feature a modular design with multiple configurations and sizes, making it easy for you to adapt them to your needs. We can even help you build the perfect vehicle for double (or triple) duty.

Move quickly & safely

Help your team get to where they need to be quickly, safely and comfortably. You’ll be impressed by our long list of standard safety features & no-exaggeration performance abilities.

Tow more per trip

Our heavy-duty towing capabilities and balanced designs allow for a tighter turning radius and shorter braking distance. Our electric vehicles won’t slow you down.